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Phoslock was developed by the Australian CSIRO to remove excess phosphate safely from water. Phosphate is the key nutrient that feeds harmful algae and causes damaging algal blooms.

Phoslock can be used to manage unhealthy waterways and promote a healthy aquatic environment. Phoslock can be applied to all types of water bodies including dams, irrigation dams, stock watering dams and lakes.

Phoslock goes right to the root cause of why many water bodies persistently experience poor water quality caused by excessive phosphorus levels.

Phoslock’s unique Phosphorus Locking Technology is the safe and effective solution to significantly reduce phosphorus levels resulting in improved water quality.

Phoslock is a unique modified bentonite clay granule that when applied in a slurry to a water body, it absorbs phosphorous from the water column and permanently locks the phosphorus into the inert modified clay particles. The clay particles then sink to the bottom and becomes part of the water bodies natural sediments layer.

Phoslock will continue to absorb phosphorous released from the sediment and new phosphorous inputs until it is saturated.

Phoslock provides an unmatched technology to reset the eutrophication clock (aging process) of waterbodies by removing free reactive phosphorus and restoring water quality.

Features and Benefits:

• Unmatched technology for phosphorus removal 
• Rapid and permanent removal of Free Reactive Phosphorus 
• Improves water quality 
• Ecologically friendly

Application Rates:

Phoslock is applied at a rate of 25kgs of Phoslock granules per 100sqm’s of water surface area. 20kg of Phoslock will cover approx. 80m2.
The amount of Phoslock required may vary depending on your water quality objectives and the amount of phosphorous loadings.