Azolla Skimmer


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Duck Weed Skimmer (1.52m wide) is specifically designed for the quick and easy skimming of floating Duck Weed direct from the waters surface. Designed with specific mesh for the collection of floating Duck Weed. The physical removal of free floating Duck Weed has several advantages particularly when infestations are advanced. Partial physical removal increases the effectiveness of spray applications, such as Free Floating Weed Control by reducing the amount of spray being applied and speeds up the overall treatment process. Partial physical removal or bulk physical removal takes out the nutrient loading held within the Duck Weed.

The Duck Weed Skimmer is specifically designed to make the job of physically removing Duck Weed quick, safe and easy.

Each sweep, captures a path using a tailored screen mesh and as the skimmer is removed from the water it closes and traps the catch, for easy disposal onto the shore line or into a wheelbarrow or trailer. The Industrial skimmer clears a path of 1.52m wide with each sweep and is ideal for larger water bodies or to clear smaller water bodies faster