Free Floating Weed Control 1 Litre


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Free Floating Weed Control is an effective way to control Salvinia, Duckweed, Lemna and all types of Azolla in irrigation Dams, Farm Dams & Ponds.

It is a natural product based on orange oil extracts that is safe and easy to apply. It does not affect other aquatic plants and treated water is safe for use, as there is no withholding period. Water bodies treated with Free Floating Weed Control, are safe to use for irrigation and stock watering purposes and it is safe for fish, pets and wildlife as it is not a herbicide.

Free Floating Weed Control effects floating aquatic weeds in various ways, for Duckweed and Lemna it partially removes the wax coating on the leaf, thus reducing the leafs buoyancy.

In the case of all types of Azolla it partially shrivels the tiny hairs on the leaf which trap air to keep them afloat.

For Salvinia it effects both the wax coating and the tiny hairs that trap air.

In all cases Free Floating Weed Control effects the surface tension of the water, thus reducing buoyancy for all types of free floating aquatic weeds, making them lose buoyancy and sink in the water column and die.

Suitable for the control of Salvinia, Duckweed, Lemna and all types of Azolla, in lakes, dams, irrigation channels, water storages and ponds. Depending on the density of the Free Floating Weed Control, it is beneficial to apply several light applications over 1- 3 week period, instead of one single heavy application.

Free Floating Weed Control is most effective when the infestations are smaller rather than advanced.

To ensure that the waters surface tension is effected, ensure that all for the open waters surface is treated. In areas where there is no free floating aquatic weeds, apply lightly but evenly. If the infestation is advanced, an increased product to water mixing ratio can be used to increase the strength of the application. If the infestation is advanced with 90 -100% coverage of the waters surface area, it is recommended that some of the free floating aquatic weeds are physically removed to create free water, to allow the free floating aquatic weeds to be able to sink effectively.

Application rates: 
1L of Free Floating Weed Control treats up to 500sqms of water surface area, depending on the density of the floating aquatic weeds. To apply mix one part Free Floating Weed Control with 100 parts water and spray using a back pack sprayer or hose directly onto the free floating aquatic weeds and around the adjoining open water surface.