About Envirolands


      Envirolands works with farmers, developers, infrastructure companies and government authorities to help achieve success on a wide range of ecological based projects. Envirolands manages small to large scale revegetation and riparian planting projects assisting its clients with compliance and to improve the environment. Envirolands also specialises in the mechanical removal of aquatic vegetation from stormwater ponds and waterways with its purpose built machinery. 


Envirolands offers aquatic weed harvesting technology unlike any other service in the country. The portability of our equipment enables us to access and work on a wide range of water bodies all over the country and save on establishment costs. Unlike the conventional method of using a long reach digger our machines have a very low impact on the environment, which reduces reinstatement costs. The lower price of our service enables us to work on a more regular basis with our clients to maintain a healthy waterway and prevent reparative costs getting too high. We also supply a range of aerator pumps and fountains which you can install yourself or we can do for you as well as on going support and water quality testing to help keep your water healthy and looking good.


Revegetation Planting

At Envirolands we don't just plant trees we prefer to take a holistic approach to revegetation. We often spend time observing nearby ecosystems and ecosourcing seed so we can emulate nature in
our projects.

Aquatic Weed Control

Using our specialised machinery we cut and remove aquatic vegetation from stormwater ponds, lakes and streams. Our machinery can also be used for getting into difficult to access swamp and marshlands.


Native Plant Supply

Our native plants are generally grown from eco-sourced seed stock from the local native bush and wetlands. The plants are grown tough in the open to a good size to ensure better survival on our projects.

Vegetation Management

Not only do we deal with with aquatic weeds but we also control them on land. Wether it be spraying, drilling and poisoning or climbing and dismantling trees we can help with it all.

Specialised Machinery